Prayer alert: Iran ships in Mediterranean

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[UPDATE: Egypt has said two Iranian ships will pass through the Suez Canal. Iran says the ships are headed to Syria for training and contain no chemical or nuclear arms.]


Perhaps I’ll have a personal update for y’all soon (if anything, a week-in-review news post). But for now, Rick Ridings at Succat Hallel in Jerusalem has sent out another prayer alert.

On Jan. 23, Iran announced it would send a destroyer as part of a fleet headed for the Mediterranean Sea. Ridings said at the time whether Iranian ships could get into Mediterranean depended on Egypt, who controls the Suez Canal. Ridings had said Egypt’s then-President Hosni Mubarak probably would say no.

Now that Mubarak has been deposed, Iran is making their move. Many news outlets, including Haaretz in Tel Aviv and in the States, are reporting that Iran is sending ships to Syria via the Suez Canal.

In the Jan. 27 prayer alert, Ridings shared that he had a vision a year and half ago that pointed to an attack from sea. He saw sharks at the coast and Israel as piece of raw meat. Witches were calling the sharks. In the vision, intercessors cried out for mercy. Then, angels poured the protecting blood of Jesus from horns along the borders of Israel, including the coast line. (To hear Ridings tell of the vision go to YouTube and fast forward to 5 minutes and 48 seconds.)

What to pray

  • For great wisdom for the military and political leaders of Israel in how to deal with this provocation correctly. Pray that demonic schemes will be exposed and foiled.
  • Pray that other nations would know how to respond. Proclaim over the Mediterranean coast that “Life and not death shall come forth out of these waters” (see 2 Kings 2:19-22).
  • Let us thank the Lord that the transition in Egypt happened without more bloodshed, and continue to pray that a Joseph be raised up there who is not stained from the corruption of the Mubarak government, yet understands the need to stand fast against radical Islamic agendas.

Many thanks to those of you who volunteer to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, physically and in the spirit. Blessings to you.

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