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Good day, friends.

I just received an update from the couple that runs the house of prayer in Alexandria, Egypt. I am very glad to hear from them. They are close to the leaders of Succat Hallel in Jerusalem.

If you have the time, read both entries. The one from the third is a bit darker but contains great encouragements of how the LORD is speaking directly to the young Egyptian men. The second letter, from today, shows that the atmosphere has ligtened some, at least in Alexandria.

Feb. 3

We sense how desperate things are in Egypt but we are also sensing that a new season is available for the church in Egypt if they press into the Lord!

We have been gathering each day since Monday for prayer and worship watches with some of the young folk. The anointing has been growing and we are praying the prayer/worship times will really become a place of refreshing in the presence of God. We sense that more will be drawn to come and worship and pray and share together, but currently not many church groups are gathering here in Alexandria because of fear. We are hoping to be able to continue having watches each day and can see the possibility of God really moving on those desperate to press into Him at this time. However, the streets in Alex are very tense and are currently very unsafe – especially for us as foreigners – (and we do not say that lightly) so we will need a lot of wisdom tomorrow.

Believers are divided in opinion regarding the current situation so we want to continue to press into God to hear what He is saying. Strong prophetic words were coming out from the young folks at the watch this afternoon. Two of the young guys shared dreams. One had two dreams in December that he hadn’t understood until the last few days. In the first he dreamed that President Murbarak died and in the second that people within a house began to fight each other. God told him that the house was Egypt. (Isaiah 19:2 speaks of Egyptian fighting Egyptian).

Another young guy dreamed two years ago of three waves coming upon Alexandria each one bigger than the next that completely swamped Alex. He felt they symbolized the glory of the Lord. He also had Isaiah 20:3 strongly impressed on him which speaks of the prophet Isaiah walking barefoot and naked for three years as a sign and wonder against Egypt. He felt that things would not be stable in Egypt for three years and the church needed to press in and not expect things to return to normal in a few days. This was confirmed to him yesterday in the watch when someone prayed something similar and used three years in their prayer. We are really asking the Holy Spirit to take us above what is happening in the natural and allow us to pray from the perspective of heaven. Because there is a heavenly plan in all of this.

One of the young women at the watch this afternoon shared how she was saddened to see people in her area who love each other now turning on one another. Looting has continued and the vigilante groups are very tired. The large shopping mall on the edge of the city has been looted. The gatherings will intensify again tomorrow after the Muslim prayers finish. Our embassy just rang to see if our travel plans have changed but we said they hadn’t at this stage as we sense we need to be here to encourage the young folks who are part of the HOP.

So please pray for a real breakthrough for the church in Egypt – especially to break free from fear for the future. To press into God with new determination and find Him with a fresh level of reality. We are praying for the nation as a whole and for God’s will in this dire situation and the repercussions around the Middle East and Israel; but about a week and a half ago (before the unrest) I felt that the Lord said our assignment here in this season was to pray for the believers in the nation to rise up, at this time, into the fullness of all He has made available through Jesus and for the Holy Spirit to be welcomed and not locked out of the churches!

Thank you so much for praying and for your love and friendship. Continue to pray for God’s timing and plan for Egypt and the Isaiah 19 highway. He will have a glorious bride. Come Lord Jesus!

love and much blessing

K. and W.

Feb. 4

Hi again and many blessings

Thank you so much for the emails with Scriptures and encouragement and also for your prayers. The streets felt very safe again today and Egyptians were their wonderful, kind and helpful selves – if not a little tense. There are huge crowds gathered again currently in Tahrir Square, Cairo, and in Alex but they have been peaceful.

We had a great worship/prayer watch at the church this morning. The church’s own service was canceled but a few who would usually be at that service joined us plus some from another church group that is temporarily shut down. A handful of our own young folk were there (about eight) but many had to stay home as their parents were concerned for their safety.

There seems to be a real release of dreams and visions that we are hearing. The scriptures prayed today included Psalm 97 and Psalm 121 and we stood in agreement with an email from one of the national prayer leaders who felt this should be a “day of signs and wonders” in Egypt rather than “a day of departure” as it has been dubbed.

The streets were safe today and the battle for victory over fear in the mind is one of the biggest being waged for the believers here. One of our young guys expressed sadness and disbelief that the churches are missing an opportunity to meet together for prayer and encouragement in this critical time. We know many of our friends in Cairo are meeting in homes to pray and worship and hope to hear more of this happening in Alex. We just read a wonderful email an Egyptian leader at IHOP [International House of Prayer] in Kansas City (who is from Alex) encouraging all Egyptian believers to start each day with the Lord before they look at or read the news. Also for folk to gather in homes or churches and form 24/7 prayer chains passing on prophetic words and direction. This is the wonderful sort of encouragement we are starting to see coming from the Egyptian believers for each other.

Also remember that, whatever the enemy’s agenda in the spiritual realm this is not a religious war on the ground in Egypt. We have at no time sensed that. Yesterday and today Christian protesters in the crowds surrounded Muslims as they knelt for their prayer times to shield them from attackers. So we are not praying for believers to arise because they are in conflict with Muslims – they are not – we are praying for them to arise into all the fullness God has for them so they will be fully alive to God’s purposes and be true lights of the truth of Jesus in Egypt and the Middle East.

This morning on the way to the watch I was sitting in a microbus (minivan) behind a guy whose jacket bore the label across the back “ARISE”. We know this is a word for the church of Egypt and the Middle East for these times.

So we are safe and well and not sensing any immanent dangers.

Love and blessings with thanks again for joining with us and the believers here.

K. and W.

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  1. Hey all,
    I’m Nardeen from Alexandria, Egypt. God gave me a vision about planting a strong HOP in Alex and i was surprised to know this is already in process.. plz if u can put me in contact with the couple from Alex i would be more than appreciating it.

    thanks alot

    1. Nardeen… so great to hear from you. You understand the security issues involved (especially as religious fighting is flairing in your country), so please bear with me. I will pass your info on. If it is God’s will, you will connect.

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