Learning to be a tentmaker

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After this, Sha’ul left Athens and went to Corinth, where he met a Jewish man named Aquila … having recently come with his wife Priscilla from Italy … Sha’ul went to see them; and because he had the same trade as they, making tents, he stayed on with them; and they worked together.

Acts 18:1-3

In 2008 I quit my newspaper job in Southern California and moved to Minneapolis. I knew it was where God had called me, and I full expected Him to provide a newspaper job for me.

God certainly did provide, but not in ways I expected. In the process, I started my own photography business.

It has been a struggle… still is. I liked the steady paycheck, the boss, my co-workers, the routine. Independent photographer sounds nice, but it’s work to sell yourself, your know-how, your expertise. My roommate at the time said there must be a reason.

Then I went to Israel and was gone for 15 months. And now I’m back… waiting, needing work. And I’m learning all over again to sell myself and trust God… and to not let go of what I learned in Israel and Wales.

I was so happy to find a house of prayer here in my hometown. After some foot dragging and evaluation, I’ve committed to do a watch or two. My first assignment is to intercede for Israel. Thank You, God. That won’t be too hard. It is so near to my heart.

So now I balance building my business and being about the Father’s business… and preparing to travel on Father’s business (soon, I hope).

I just wanted to give you an update. In the coming posts, I’ll tell you more on how to pray for Israel, on Justice House of Prayer here in El Paso and about my photo biz.