A little more Christ-Mass this Epiphany

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Today is Christmas in parts of the world… and Day of the Magi in others. So as the Christmas season closes for most of us, I share one more seasonal story.

It is not my own. It is of a family who saw their infant son die on Christmas Eve.

La adoración de los Reyes MagosI heard about Samuel through Xanga. The family has shown amazing faith and grace through their ordeal. I encourage you to read a recent post titled “The Real Miracle” by Samuel’s father.

It’s long, but please do read through… especially those who may be struggling with their relationship with God. An exceprt:

The death of my son, December 24th, at 1:30pm, hearing his last heart beats in my arms, is something that will stay with me and potentially haunt me at times. No father should have to see their son die. Yet the story of Christmas […] speaks audibly through me and shows me a profound truth and reality in my heart of hearts. God the Father knew our need, and despite the constant rejection we have of God because He does not do what we in our finite minds desire (like healing Samuel), sent His own Son nonetheless as the greatest miracle. We are all on life support right now; some of us have been saved through a miraculous regeneration of heart, some still haven’t.

The truth is I would never have willingly allowed my son Samuel to go through this trauma for people who have hurt me and wounded me and rejected me. In fact, I would willingly trade their lives for the life of my son because all I can see is my happiness at times; that’s mostly what I care about in my flesh. But God, sees beyond that, and even for sick children such as my son, has done the real and greatest miracle.

You see, Samuel never had to deal with all the pain of this life. He never had to witness sin in it’s most evil form or battle it day in and day out. He went from the womb, captured a few images of his parents with his eyes open, and then straight away ran to the arms of Jesus. All I can hope for is that he’s worshipping God in full adoration and praise, and maybe dancing a little with full breathes and healed lungs. Wait for me Samuel; I’ll be there before you know it.

Please, read the whole post and send some encouraging words to this family. They are part of our Family.