View of lunar eclipse from El Paso, Texas, at 07:45GMT, Dec. 21. Click on photo to get a closer look.

There it is. I may share a sequence with you later… but it is way past my bedtime.

The timestamp on this photo is 00:45 MST — around the forecast apex time — though there is still much white up top. I never captured a shot that I felt was a total eclipse with even edges.

Lemme tell you, that moon scoots across the sky in the hurry. Doesn’t seem like until you find that you have to reposition the camera every 10 minutes because the moon keeps heading off frame.

I thank God for clear skies here, as well as a solid tripod and shutter release cord.

For those that care, the image was taken with a Canon 30D DLSR and a Canon 200mm f/2.8 lens with a Vivitar 2x converter. Exposure settings were 1 second at about f/9 (camera set at f/4.5 but converter eats two stops of light) at ISO 800.


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