When I was in Israel last, I photographed the Elav Youth Conference for the house of prayer Succat Hallel. Some of those photographs were published by Maoz Israel.

In the October issue is a story by Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson. She’s a worship leader in Israel, daughter of the founders of Maoz Israel. She writes about making Hebrew music about Yeshua, the labors and joys.

Why should you click through and read it? A passage at the end of the piece sums it up perfectly:

If it is true that there is no lack of English worship music and Israelis speak English, why is it they cannot just enjoy the English worship? Aside from the fact that Israeli music is different stylistically than western Christian music, the issue in Israel is that the belief in Yeshua is perceived as being a foreign religion. There are very few Israelis who know that all the original followers of Yeshua were Jewish (with the exception, perhaps, of Luke.) Therefore, hearing music that speaks of Yeshua in the Hebrew language removes that monumental barrier in the mind of Israelis.

Speaking of Elav… mp3s of the teachings from that conference are up and available for FREE download.

All great teachings. My favorite was “A Jewish and Arab Army For the Lord” by Rania Sayegh. Sayegh runs the House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth. She organized the Global Day of Prayer meeting in Nazareth where Jewish and Arab believers in Yeshua reconciled with one another other.

The teaching is not as regionally specific as the title implies. Sayegh speaks about how Adonai is raising an army of worship warriors to battle with Him as Yeshua’s return draws nearer. Check it out. Perhaps our God is calling you.