Aliyah, Homecoming, Ascending

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FWoman Photographs Jerusalemollowing is a video of a man named Stevenson singing on Israeli TV. Stevenson is one of the watchmen at Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. He’s an amazingly willing vessel through which the LORD pours out often. Stevenson has seen healings and has boldly proclaimed the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah to the ultra-orthodox Jews, some of which react violently to such things.

Here is a song “birthed in the prayer room,” as one friend told me. It moved me to tears as I sang along, as I asked God to take me back to His kingdom capital, to where Messiah will descend and take His father David’s throne once and for all.

Aliyah means to ascend. In the Psalms, we see the Songs of Ascent, prayed as worshippers walked up to the Temple, and they do mean up hill. In the modern age, it has come to mean the return of the scattered tribes of Israel to their homeland, given to them by God Himself.