Xanga, I can’t feel your Pulse

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[Hmm… email posting is working at the moment. Will the revival last?]

For a while now, we’ve gotten different people saying “Xanga is dead.”

I’ve ignored all that. I have my small but loyal group of readers. I have friendships that started and were nurtured here. This is where I started blogging nearly a decade ago and to where I returned after trying other sites.

Now, I’m on the verge of going elsewhere. Hosting my own blog has many upsides. Still, I wasn’t going to abandon Xanga. How could I? Too many friends here.

But Xanga, you are making it so hard to stay. So hard. 

One reason I’m relocating is mobile blogging. WordPress has a free Blackberry app that works on wi-fi. Yes, Xanga has email posting. It’s the reason I pay for premium. But email posting has always been inconsistent. And right now, it’s not working.

Email posting is what was going to keep me here at Xanga. With some geek magic, I’d be able to blog from my mobile to WordPress and have it show up at Xanga. But no doing. Email posting isn’t working. I wanted to cement my Xanga presence by upgrading to Lifetime, but why waste $100 when the feature I’m paying for doesn’t work?

  Another way to make sure my Xanga buddies were in the loop: Ping.fm. This is the greatest little website. One email or text or web update, and Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Xanga and more are in sync. Beautiful… well, until Xanga decided it didn’t want to play anymore.

I don’t know what happened. My pings stopped going through to Xanga Pulse for more than a week. My credentials wouldn’t authenticate. Then, for a brief moment during the US Open tennis finals, all was well. This weekend,  I logged into Ping.fm to see that Xanga is no longer on their compatible network list. No explanation from either Ping.fm nor Xanga.

I am trying so hard to stay connected. I just ventured into PHP for the first time in an effort to make what would have been Pulses show up as blog posts via an email script (with the help of Ping.fm). Alas, after paying $4 to reactivate Xanga Premium for tests, NONE of my email posts (mere tests sent from my email account, not the script) have succeeded.

Xanga. I want to stay. I’d pay for premium. I’d sing your praises. But… I’m starting to think you are too far gone to care, too weak to mend yourself to health.