Hi there.

Well, all the photos are worked. They’ve been delivered. And I’ve uploaded a sample on Flickr (since moved to Zenfolio). I probably shot about 4,000 frames over three days. I edited down to about 1,300. There are just a little over 200 up for you to check out.

I’m off to meet Someone at a coffee shop. Perhaps over the next few days, I’ll pull some photos out still and give you some story behind them.


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11 thoughts on “Photos ‘Unto Him’

  1. @Roadkill_Spatula – blocks Flickr?! How rude!

    There’s a coffee shop in Minneapolis that uses a filter service that blocks XANGA!!! I could get on MySpace but not Xanga. What the heck?!

    I put the violin photo up just to get a thumbnail for Facebook link… but didn’t work. Grrr.

    Anyhow, thanks for coming by.

  2. The photos are awesome!!!  I watched the whole slide show on flickr.  I have loadsa favourites.    There was one that really grabbed me.  Don’t think it is up here yet.  The guy lying face down with his flip flops by the side of his head.  Praise Abba for this wonderful conference.  We continue to pray for those who attended the conference.  Wow……God is good!!!!!

  3. I just looked at all the pictures.  Thanks for sharing them.  I don’t know if I told you, but I was praying.  The teens from our churches are at a conference now called Momentum.  I think it’s similar.  So much energy directed towards the Lord!  What language/languages did they use at Elav?

  4. @ata_grandma – Thank you so much for praying. Most of the speaking from the stage was in Hebrew, some in English. The Hebrew-to-English and English-to-Hebrew translation was done from the stage (when you see multiple people on the stage, one is the translator). There was also translation into Arabic and Korean via wireless headset. During certain sessions, Arabic was spoken from the stage.

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