Don’t let an oversight kill your calling

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ADONAI said to Moshe in Midyan, “Go on back to Egypt, because all the men who wanted to kill you are dead.” So Moshe took his wife and sons, put them on a donkey, and started out for Egypt. Moshe took God’s staff in his hand. ADONAI said to Moshe, “When you get back to Egypt, make sure that you do before Pharaoh every one of the wonders I have enabled you to do. Nevertheless, I am going to make him hardhearted, and he will refuse to let the people go. Then you are to tell Pharaoh: ‘ADONAI says, “Isra’el is my firstborn son. I have told you to let my son go in order to worship me, but you have refused to let him go. Well, then, I will kill your firstborn son!”‘” At a lodging-place on the way, ADONAI met Moshe and would have killed him, had not Tzipporah taken a flintstone and cut off the foreskin of her son. She threw it at his feet, saying, “What a bloody bridegroom you are for me!” But then, God let Moshe be. She added, “A bloody bridegroom because of the circumcision!” -Exodus 4:19-26 CJB

Moses has just seen the burning bush. He’s conversed with God. He knows His name. Moses knows exactly what he is supposed to do. He is equipped with God’s staff, ready to confront Pharaoh and lead millions of slaves out of Egypt. God says “Go,” and Moses goes. Then God tries to kill him?

Whoa! What happened?

When I first studied this passage with the help of Chuck Swindoll, I experienced something similar. I told God I was ready for Him to use me. I felt Him say, “Yes, let’s go.” Then I tripped and fell and struggled as I dealt with a major sin in my heart that I’d neatly put away.

Moses, the beloved servant of God, hadn’t circumcised his son. He was in violation of the covenant and could not represent God until he’d repented (his wife gave him a hand there). I had to get on my knees to ask for forgiveness. I needed to circumcise my heart, as Paul says in Romans 2.

So, if you feel called, equipped and sent but keep running into a wall, check yourself. Sometimes it is the enemy putting an obstacle. But even Moses, the humblest of all men, had missed a major sin. His oversight could have cost him his life, let alone the assignment.

You are precious to your God. He has great plans for you. He wants to use you mightily, even like Moses. Be mindful of all that He’s asked you to do, lest you sabotage yourself.

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