A photog without cameras restored

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Shalom, friends.

I have a praise report I’m eager to share. Elav photos to come, but this is more important.

Monday night (a week ago), after the conference, we all piled into the bus for the ride home to Jerusalem. First, though, we had to drop off the visiting band at the airport.

About 2 a.m., we stumbled off the bus to find the cargo hold of the bus completely empty. One guy was missing his backpack. My camera bag was gone.

I was too tired to care after three long days with 4 hours sleep each night in between. I gave it to the Lord and worked hard all week to leave it with Him.

Wednesday, I picked up a watch. I just lay before the LORD in my tiredness. Later, my mp3 play shuffled to ‘Blessed be Your Name.’ I played it twice and shouted before the LORD, ‘You give and take away. Blessed be Your Name.’

We called and emailed the bus company, the band, the airport. Nothing.

In my heart, they were gone. When the laptop died, the LORD replace it. So, I was prepared to wait for the LORD’s provision.

Sunday, I took the train to the Tel Aviv airport. There, at the front of the pile at the lost and found was my bag. The contents were intact. The last photos I took at the conference were still on the memory card in the camera.

I cannot thank the LORD enough for his faithfulness. He is so good to me.

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