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Shalom, friends.

As I posted previously, those of us at Succat Hallel prayer house are preparing for the 2010 Elav conference, which kicks off in a week in Tel Aviv. I wanted to share a bit more with you and to show you opportunities to help. First, check out this promo video so you can see a glimpse of what is to come.

So, how can you help?

For you prayer warriors, intercession is vital. Succat Hallel called for a 40-day fast or seven-day fast for the conference. At sunset here in Israel, we will be seven days away from the start of Elav (Hebrew for “unto Him”). If you feel led to pray, check out this daily prayer list. It will give you guidance as you stand in the gap for all involved.

For those of you stewards of God’s provision, the costs of the conference per attendee is nearly $200, but participants under 18 and soldiers are admitted free and all others are only charged from $15 to $30, depending on their age. Ask the Lord if He would have you funnel some of His funds toward this ministry.

Sponsor a photographer. I am working as a full-fledged volunteer. I am the official photographer for the event and must pay my own way for food and transportation. The Lord has been gracious in already providing my housing (as well as all necessary photo equipment, computer, phone. HE IS SO GOOD TO ME!). One may donate to the RoamingChile via PayPal.

On a personal note, I am going to limit my online interaction through the end of the conference. I will endevour to blog to keep you updated and will probably update pulses/statuses/tweets via mobile phone just so y’all know I’m still living and breathing. I won’t be replying to comments or emails however, unless they are related to conference business (meaning you are in Israel and volunteering at Elav).

Above all, I value your prayers. If one learns one thing in a prayer house, it’s that the prayers of the believers to God do more than we really realize. When you pray, in power and authority, you release His angels to do His bidding. And His angels carry His provision, protection and revelation. If you are unsure of this, read how an angel fed Elijah, how Elisha knew the angelic army outnumbered the army of Aram and how an angel fought satanic forces 21 days to get a message to Daniel.

Have a great week!

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