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To my shock, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted. I’m sitting at the Brussels airport waiting for a flight to Tel Aviv, so I won’t update y’all on a whole month’s worth right now.

I will say it’s been a time of honing and polishing. One polishes rocks by tumbling them around with other, harder rocks. So, it’s been interesting. But I know it’s all for a purpose. It is preparation for something I can’t quite see but I know looms in the distance.

…. I do believe my sleep deprevation is making me looping. I came to tell you what’s next and to pray.

I’m heading back to the Land to photograph a youth conference. It is called Elav, which is Hebrew for ‘Unto Him’. Please pray for this event. It will be July 3-5 in Tel Aviv. By all indications, it is the beginning of something big among the youth of Israel, Jewish, Arab, et al. It’s been held before, but the shift to Tel Aviv is telling. Tel Aviv is the secular center of Israel. Many there are not religious and dabble in New Age and other religions.

Perhaps I’ll detail more later, but Internet at the airport is pricey (even through Skype Access, a cool feature you must check out). I know y’all are capable of clicking the Elav link to read up more.

I hope to catch up on the blogging, but probably not until after the conference. Shalom.

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  1. Hi Csrino,

    Are you perhaps able to send a streaming link for the Elav Youth Conference please ? I cannot access through either Google or God TV.


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