Shalom, friends.

I am SO behind on sharing my adventures. We’ll work backwards. I’ll share a bit about our Monday excursion and later tell you about our road trips on the Isaiah 60 highway.

Monday we took a bus out to Ein Gedi, a oasis in the mountains west of the Dead Sea. One of the interns wanted to be baptized in one of the pools form by the natural spring (Ein Gedi means Kid (goat) Spring). After dunking her, splashing around and hiking a bit, we soaked in the Dead Sea.

So strange, the salt water of the Dead Sea. It feels strange to float effortlessly, to “stand” in the water without touching bottom nor treading water.

I know this is short, but it’s after midnight here. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Laila tov (good night).

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13 thoughts on “Splish splashing away

  1. loved the slide show.  We swam in the Great Salt Lake in Utah and I sorta know what you’re talking about, but this water you were in was even denser, wasn’t it?  You’d have to be a klutz to drown in that!

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