‘God went surfing with the Devil’

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Shalom, friends.

I’m in my last week of the internship, so things have been crazy busy. Mentally and spiritually processing the whole of the three months has overwhelmed me. I know I’ve been a bit AWOL on the blog. I have a story from Pentecost that I really want to share, but I’m having to get an OK because of the sensitivity of the issue. Hopefully, early next week I can briefly share some photos and words about the Global Day of Prayer meeting in Nazareth.

Right now, I just read an amazing story of hope and goodwill on CNN.com. It’s about an effort by Israelis to get surf boards to Palestinians in Gaza.

“In Gaza, a handful of Palestinian men have found a way to escape temporarily from the hardships of life in their conflict-wracked home. They go surfing.

“Dirt poor and mainly from refugee camps, they find joy riding waves, often on makeshift boards, in the green waters off Gaza’s beaches.

“Over the past few years, a number of groups, some based in Israel, have made it their business to try to help the Gaza surfers.” — CNN.com

If you have the time, do read the whole CNN story. There is also a documentary about this effort. The film is called “God went surfing with the Devil.”  Below is the trailer to the film.

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