Another Palm Sunday Persepective

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I’m still working photos from Sunday. It’s been busy. But my housemate Kelly has put a video together from their experience. While I waited for them at the Lions Gate, they hiked up the Mount of Olives and came back down with the masses. Enjoy the joy of the Lord.


7 thoughts on “Another Palm Sunday Persepective

  1. wow! Jesus lives! Praise God for His wonderful gift of Grace. For me Holy Week is a commeration of Jesus Resurrection because not only did He defeated the king of darkness, but His blood washed believers from the filth of sins. His Resurrection proves that He brings Salvation to the world; that whosoever turns away from his/her sins and repents and calls Jesus the Lord and Savior of his/her life is saved from eternal destruction. Who won’t celebrate with this knowledge of the Good News! Hallelujah!  Jesus is my King! Let’s worship and sing songs of His Greatness!

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