Globalization we long for

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As we taxied away from the gate in Bristol, England, the safety talk was done in Spanish first. There was something very satisfying about understanding. I’m most grateful to my parents for making sure two languages are spoken at home.

As I sat looking at the English countryside while waiting to takeoff, I just saw land, creation.

I can understand the ardent environmentalists and others with a passion to see one world united. It is one planet. We are all one race — human. From the plane as we flew out of Bristol, all I saw were rows of houses, places where people live and work.

As I travel more, I see the perks of a one-world government. It will come. And even the first incarnation, the one that will ultimately enslave this planet, will have a purpose. Paul’s broad missionary ministry was possible because Rome ruled most of Europe and Northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor. He was a citizen and could live and work anywhere in the empire.

I have been blessed by the ease of travel afforded to a holder of a U.S. passport. Still, I cannot to work like Paul to support the work the Lord has called me to. God will provide in any case.

While I see the benefit of the advancing globalization, I look beyond that. I look to the global society described in Isaiah, Micah and Zechariah, at the time we will beat our swords into plows and all the nations will visit Jerusalem to pay homage to the King of kings. Oh, what a happy, lovely day!



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  1. MARANATHA!! I have not seen that expression in awhile, and it always sounds so wonderful. I guess the more one travels and see that everyone is trying to find some happiness in their own way, it is easy too see how nice it would be if we all just got along.

    Have a nice trip,



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